Frankfort, October 2018

Advocacy Meeting with Deputy Secretary

and Governor Representatives

Melinda McGuire and Becky Mullins met with officials in Frankfort on October 2, 2018 in efforts to create a stronger partnership with Cabinet officials by giving a voice for the children in out-of-home care and their caretakers.  Deputy Secretary Putnam is very positive in regards to re-establishing the connections with the state association.  Also in the meeting were the advisors to the governor, Christopher and Alisha Johnson.  The role of that state association is key to recruitment and retention of quality foster homes.

Additional Meetings in the Works

Fostering Futures-KFACA is anticipating additional meetings with Cabinet representatives and regional associations.  Planning is in the works. 

Recent Projects

Medically Complex Fall Conference

Free Painting Class

On Friday evening following the first day of training, resource parents and others were treated to a free relaxation class that included a personal painting activity for each participant, sharing of stories, and a lot of laughter.  This activity was a free activity sponsored by Fostering Futures.

Free Quilts for Medically Complex Children

From a generous donation by an anonymous quilters group, each home represented received a FREE quilt for each medically complex child currently placed with them.  The 70 quilts varied in size and design from infants to larger quilts for teens.  Everyone was blessed by this gesture. In addition to the free quilts, a super queen quilt was donated for a silent auction.

Donated UK Wreath

This beautiful University of Kentucky wreath was also donated by Sherrie Jackson from Bowling Green to use as a raffle item.  Sherrie does beautiful work and will be set up at the Woolly Worm Festival in October.

What our parents are saying....

We really enjoyed out painting session.  It was fun and we need to definitely do this again. Very relaxing.....

These quilts are amazing!  Thank you and the quilting group for your generous gift. 

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